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Soylent: Day 3

[This post is part of a series on my month-long experiment with Soylent. See the original post for an introduction.]

Today I made another observation about eating quickly. Don’t. Just don’t. I tried sipping more slowly like I wrote about in yesterday’s post, but I guess I didn’t slow down enough because now I feel almost uncomfortably full. In retrospect this shouldn’t be surprising. Imagine eating a plate of spaghetti in a minute. Of course you’re going to be full.

I’ve also noticed that a full pitcher seems like too much for a day. I’ll admit that I’ve been snacking on normal food a bit, so maybe that’s been making up for some of my calorie count, but I finished the pitcher I made for dinner two nights ago for breakfast this morning (that is, it lasted me almost two days). I haven’t been very active these past two days, so maybe I’m just not burning much energy on a daily basis.

Lastly, I’ve found myself being actively hungry for something other than Soylent. As in, the idea of eating tasty food really appeals to me. I’m not sure if it’s because the bland taste is, well, bland, or because I’m missing some key nutrients (or at least nutrients that aren’t necessary but I had a habbit of getting a lot of before). I still feel full and satisfied after I drink it, but I have to will myself to drink it knowing that that will be the outcome; I don’t find myself actively wanting Soylent itself.


Objective Vitals

  • Weight: 162 lbs

Subjective Vitals

  • Physical health: Good.

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