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Soylent: Day 5

[This post is part of a series on my month-long experiment with Soylent. See the original post for an introduction.]

Nothing particularly noteworthy from today. However, it’s been four full days now, and I haven’t had nearly the amount of crime-against-humanity farting that many others have reported. I’ve had a little, but it’s been pretty infrequent (a few farts a day) and not particularly smelly. I expect that it’s been some combination of following the advice I wrote about on day two (not chugging the Soylent) and my body’s unique sensitivity (or lack thereof) to the ingredients in Soylent. There’s no obvious single answer; I guess the most I can say is that I got lucky.


A friend suggested that I add heart rate to my daily objective vital tally since it’s trivial to take yourself and doesn’t fluctuate too much.

Objective Vitals

  • Weight: 161 lbs
  • Heart rate: 74 bpm

Subjective Vitals

  • Physical health: Good

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