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Soylent: Day 9

[This post is part of a series on my month-long experiment with Soylent. See the original post for an introduction.]

Today, I went out to dinner and desert, I didn’t fill up as much as I expected. I have a suspicion that this may just be because of the increased amount of normal food I’ve had over the past few days (with going out to dinner on Sunday and snacks the past few days). I just had a glass of Soylent as I sit here writing this (at 3:00am, so it’s been a while since I ate), and I was actually hungry before I had it. Really the take-home here is that this stuff makes for good blog posts but really shitty empirical science. Hooray for small sample sizes!


Objective Vitals

  • Weight: 162 lbs
  • Heart rate: 72 bpm

Subjective Vitals

  • Physical health: Good

This is a post in the Soylent series.
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