[][src]Enum mundane::public::ec::EcPubKeyAnyCurve

pub enum EcPubKeyAnyCurve {

An elliptic curve public key whose curve is unknown at compile time.

An EcPubKeyAnyCurve is an enum of EcPubKeys over the three supported curves.




impl EcPubKeyAnyCurve[src]

#[must_use] pub fn parse_from_der(bytes: &[u8]) -> Result<EcPubKeyAnyCurve, Error>[src]

Parses a public key in DER format with any curve.

parse_from_der is like DerPublicKey::parse_from_der, but it accepts any PCurve rather than a particular, static curve.

Since EcPubKey requires a static PCurve type parameter, the parse_from_der function on EcPubKey's DerPublicKey implementation can only be called when the curve is known ahead of time. This function, on the other hand, accepts any curve.

Because the curve is not known statically, one must be specified in the DER input.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for EcPubKeyAnyCurve[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for EcPubKeyAnyCurve

impl Unpin for EcPubKeyAnyCurve

impl !Sync for EcPubKeyAnyCurve

impl RefUnwindSafe for EcPubKeyAnyCurve

impl UnwindSafe for EcPubKeyAnyCurve

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