[][src]Trait mundane::public::rsa::RsaKeyBits

pub trait RsaKeyBits: Sized + Copy + Clone + Default + Display + Debug + Sealed {
    const BITS: usize;

The bit length of an RSA key.

The RsaPrivKey and RsaPubKey types take a B: RsaKeyBits type parameter indicating the key's length in bits.

We only support bit lengths of 2048 or greater, as smaller bit lengths are considered insecure. If 2048 is considered insecure at some point in the future, then we will remove support for it, which will be a breaking change.

Associated Constants

const BITS: usize

The number of bits.

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impl RsaKeyBits for B2048[src]

impl RsaKeyBits for B3072[src]

impl RsaKeyBits for B4096[src]

impl RsaKeyBits for B6144[src]

impl RsaKeyBits for B8192[src]

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