[][src]Struct mundane::public::ed25519::Ed25519PrivKey

pub struct Ed25519PrivKey { /* fields omitted */ }

An Ed25519 private key.

An Ed25519PrivKey actually includes both the private key and the public key in order to make multiple key signing operations with the same key more efficient.


impl Ed25519PrivKey[src]

#[must_use] pub fn generate() -> Ed25519PrivKey[src]

Generates a new private key.

#[must_use] pub fn from_key_pair_bytes(
    private: [u8; 32],
    public: &Ed25519PubKey
) -> Ed25519PrivKey

Constructs a new private key from a key pair.

Usually, an Ed25519 private key will be stored as a single 64-byte blob: the 32-byte private key followed by the 32-byte public key. However, we accept the two keys as separate arguments in case they are stored separately.

#[must_use] pub fn from_private_key_bytes(private: [u8; 32]) -> Ed25519PrivKey[src]

Constructs a new private key.

Unlike from_key_pair_bytes, from_private_key_bytes reconstructs the key (which includes both the private key and the public key internally) from only the private key.

#[must_use] pub fn bytes(&self) -> &[u8; 64][src]

Gets the raw bytes of the private key.

Trait Implementations

impl PrivateKey for Ed25519PrivKey[src]

type Public = Ed25519PubKey

The type of the public component.

impl Debug for Ed25519PrivKey[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Ed25519PrivKey

impl Unpin for Ed25519PrivKey

impl Sync for Ed25519PrivKey

impl RefUnwindSafe for Ed25519PrivKey

impl UnwindSafe for Ed25519PrivKey

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